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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heart Warrior

As most of you know, my son is a heart baby.
If you don't, you can always read more about that here.
Well, back in August, before we went on leave, Cayden saw Dr. Smith again.
It was just a normal appointment, I gave him updates on how Cayden was doing
and he did his usual tests; the EKG and ECHO.

However, we didn't leave the office with our normal news.
This time, Dr. Smith told us that surgery is no longer a 50/50 chance,
it definitely has to be done at some point.

He told us that the hole was just too large to fix itself, 
and if one condition (the VSD or PS) started to fix itself,
then the other would become more of an issue.
His plan was to meet with his team of doctors and surgeons
and let us know what they all recommended.

After weeks of waiting, I finally got the phone call.
They recommend waiting to do the surgery a little longer.
They said that there is no rush in getting it done because Cayden is doing so well.
Plus the longer they are able to wait, the stronger his muscles will be.

Now I'll tell you, that gave me a small sigh of relief.
I'm so happy that it doesn't have to be done right now,
but at the same time, the longer we wait, the more Cayden will remember.
and I definitely don't want it to end up happening while Chris is deployed.

Our minds are a little jumbled and our hearts a little torn.
So if you wouldn't mind sending up a prayer for our family,
we would appreciate it.


  1. What a sweet baby! I will definitely send up prayers for your family!

  2. Such a precious little man! Praying for your family, girl!

  3. awe, definitely prayers sent your way my dear.


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