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Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Already!

Dear Deployment; you're inching closer and closer and I'm dreading every second of you. You better keep my soldier safe and bring him right back home to me or you will see my rage. and I'm totally uneasy with you for making Chris miss tons of Cayden's "firsts". Dear Coffee; I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for being in my life for mornings like these when Cayden wants to get up at 2am. Dear Husband; work has been treating you like trash. but baby it's the freaking weekend, so get through today amd then come home and relax with me (: I promise I'll treat you like a King. Dear Cayden; uhm child why are you getting so big? I could have sworn that I just brought you home from the hospital like yesterday. Before I know it , I'll be sending you away for college. btw, you're lucky that you are the most adorbale child in the world. Otherwise, this 2am wake up call would not have gone down. Dear Bloggy Friends; I have seriously neglected all of you. My life has been a little crazy for the past month. Please excuse my absence but I am working on getting back into the groove. I swear I still love you.

Every time I hear this song, I instantly start doing an awkward little dance.
What can I say, it has a nice beat.
Have a good weekend yal!(:

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  1. I LOVE THIS SONG! I try not to play it too much because I'm afraid of over playing it and then hating it.

    Your little man is adorbs! Wish you all the best as you get ready for this deployment. :(

    sending you lots of internet hugs.

  2. He is so freaking adorable!!!! What a cute little gangster!!!
    I have my own awkward car dance to that song too. Hahaha. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey, neglect the blog! You got bigger things to deal with (or smaller things in this case actually)! Don't dwell on the deployment, just live for this weekend and have a blast together! :)

  4. I too LOVE this song (and maybe do a little dance when I hear it;))


  5. Your little boy is absolutely precious!
    Enjoy your weekend with your husband. :)

  6. He really is a bundle of cuteness!.. This song really has some kind of uncontrollable effect on me every time, love it :)

  7. That picture of your little man is tooooo cute!!! I HATE the anticipation leading up to a deployment! :(

  8. I love that song and that picture of Cayden is so cute!


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