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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Losing Track of time!

My goodness. Time is just slipping right between my fingers.
Can you believe its ALREADY June! I sure can't.
Well I have seemed to be M.I.A recently so this post is going to be full of random ramblings.

First off, We are having a bit of a scare with my little man. As you know ( or need to catch up on ) he has VSD and PS. He has been doing really well on his medicine and is growing perfectly. However, the past couple days he has been having issues staying awake during feedings. He normally eats for about 10mins on each side , every three hours. Well, He has been barely making it to a 7min feed and randomly popping up hungry. Grrrrr... It's exactly what the doctor has been telling us could happen. Which means we could be leaning more towards the surgery side. Yeah, talk about one worried momma...

Alright now, Holy Cow. Do any of yal watch The Real World?! My husband and I are die hard fans. And if anyone is with us.. What are your takes on Nia? One minute I like the girl and the next I want to jump through the dang TV and shake her crazy ass. I almost had a heart attack when she went nuts on Johnny and then her and Avery got into it. I seriously about jumped out of my pants in anger. Didn't the whole start from Avery's dog pooping and Nia stepping in it and refusing to clean it up? I swear, if that becomes the biggest problem in my life, someone better give me a high five. Anyways, I can't wait to see what happens next Wednesday.

Oh and I totally just participated in this book exchange. Samantha over at Hooah and Hiccups showed it to me, and helped me out with finding some mommies, which made me realize that I need more mommy friends, besides the point, ANYWAYS I got a confirmation email today saying that my book had sent to my child and I got so excited. Now I am anxiously waiting for Cayden's books to come in the mail. I LOVED reading with my parents so I am hoping Cayden will enjoy it too (:

After months of  our orders being changed and set back and cancelled and what not, we finally got our day set. We are due to be at Fort Carson, CO on September 10th (: So goodbye Fort Drum, NY. Honestly hope to NEVER see you again. I mean we have had our share of good times but phew this town has worn me out. (and this weather) but HEYYY to all you military wives!!!! This will be our first PCS (my husbands second. He was in Korea before here) and we would love any advice. We will be moving with two cars, a baby, and a dog and have no idea how we are going to do it all.

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  1. Hey I found ya over on the Military So's Blogging Community and thought I would say hi I am also an Army Wife, hubby is currently deployed and we will be PCSing this summer following you on BL, and twitter and liked you on facebook

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