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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We just got back from Ohio spending some much needed time with our families. ( and my best friend! )
We attended cook outs, Chris's brother's graduation , and my nephew's baseball game.
It felt so good to be with everyone again because we have missed them so much,
Especially since we have had baby Cayden!

Sweet Little Cayden in the car on his very first road trip!

Baby Cayden with my sweet little Grandma, cousin Taylor, and my daddy!
Look how happy my nanny is. Cayden melted her heart like no other.

Cayden at Jon's graduation. Pete (my father in law). & Christopher and Me (:

My littlest nephew Karsen and my oldest nephew Kaleb with Cayden (:

My husbands awesome family and us (:

On another note...
 Would you mind stopping by parents magazine .com
and vote for my little heart warrior?


Would anyone be interested in a book exchange?
You send a child one book and you end up with 36 in return!
If you're interested please let me know (:

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