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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Just Okay Photos

We FINALY got our pictures back that we got done of Cayden.
They are supposed to be our newborn pictures but they are a little late
due to being in and out of the hospital for a month with him.

Maybe it's just me being extremely picky,
but I'm not crazy impressed with them.
I really wish we would have spent extra money 
and went to someone more professional.
What do you think?

Also, What's everyone doing for Father's Day?!


  1. They aren't bad dear, but it all depends on the photographer. You have one cute lil' babe! :)

  2. I definitely think you have some good ones here! As someone who has take newborn photos before, sometimes it can be hard to get that perfect shot no matter how good of a photographer you are and how sleepy the baby is. It's definitely difficult. If you wanted to spend more $ for say his 1 year pictures, you could do that. I always think the more candid ones taken by the family themselves are sometimes the best, so keep your camera clicking! My husband's birthday falls on Father's Day this year, so we are staying put in town and celebrating his bday. What about you all? Be blessed, Kristin

  3. I love the photos! There are definitely good ones. :)

  4. ahhhh how cute!!! i love the one with the boots!

  5. I agree with you, he is adorable, the pictures are not amazing

  6. I think they are soo cute!!! I love love the one of you holding him and looking at your husband!! Also the one with him in his pocket!! Sooo precious. I felt the exact same way when we got our newbornish baby pictures back and now I look at them and cherish them. You will come around! Im glad he is safe and sound!!

  7. I think they are great!!! Love the poses! He's a beautiful baby!! :)

  8. I like your photos. Especially the mom/son and father/son pictures. And the one of all three of your together is precious!

  9. Oh my word! Precious Precious Precious!! So happy to meet a fellow military spouse blogger!
    Thank you for linking up at The Collective!


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