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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Late Weekend Update

It's so not the weekend anymore. 
and actually a few days past.
Let's just say I've been SUPER busy. 
However, I wanted to fill you in on my weekend.
It was seriously loads of fun.

Friday; My husband had a family org day. Baby Cayden and I got up and got ready while Chris took Thor on his morning family PT run. When they got back we went to Remington park and spent the day with his company. We watched the guys play football and then watched Chris play volleyball. His company took home the trophy for that. We enjoyed some burgers and what not and then they the had a tug a war. Our company ended up tying with another so the First Sgt.'s had a run off. We ended up winning (:

Saturday; I was so worn out and slept in with Cayden until 11ish! It was so nice. We finally got up and we all got ready and went out to our friend Stephanie's lakehouse. A couple of our other friends came over and we enjoyed the day out in the sun and at the lake. It was AMAZING! Later that night we started a fire and hung out around that just talking. We ended up heading home around 3am!

Sunday; We were so exhausted from the past couple days that we just laid around the house being lazy (:

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  1. What a fun weekend you had! Org days are the best. :)


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