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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Husband; sorry that I have been so cranky this week. Being a full time mommy is a lot harder than it sounds. Plus I've been stressing about everything we have going on right now. But please understand. I love you to the fullest and I never mean to be so grumpy towards you. Dear Cayden; I'm so happy that the doctor said your doing so well. Even though there is still a 50/50 chance of heart surgery. It's always nice to hear positive things. P.S. You're so stinkin' adorable. Your father and I did an amazing job on you (; Dear Ohio; as long as Christopher's leave gets approved we will be making a short visit towards the end of the month. I'm so excited to show Cayden off to you guys. Dear Weather; please stop being so bi-polar. I think it is well beyond deserved of us to get some freaking amazing sunny days. The paleness of my body is absolutely killing me. thanks. Dear Neighbors; You need to get control of your 8yr old child. I'm sick of hearing him run marathons above me all day long. and the next time he comes down and knocks on my door and wakes the baby up... I might possibly lose my cool. And I really don't appreciate you letting your dogs run down the stairs and jump around near my front door. get your ish under control PLEASEEE!!!

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  1. I'm so glad that Cayden is doing well! He is just too cute.

  2. Happy to hear Cayden is doing well.
    ~ Osh

    Sun-Kissed Peony

  3. I feel like Ive been a little cranky too, Im just ready to get this baby out! Im glad to hear that your little guy is doing better!! And thats 1 thing that I dont miss about being in a apartment is the noise that you hear above you, now that we will have 2 kids, I told my husband that we will never live in military housing or a apartment again. Have a good weekend!


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