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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Thursday Post

Well I just heard about the whole ending of Google Reader,
So I've jumped on the band wagon to Bloglovin'.
Follow me (:

As for today, I wish it would be over!
I didn't get any sleep last night because I was feeling really sick and Cayden was kicking like crazy.
I ended up sleeping on the couch with a cold rag over my forehead.
I'm still not feeling to hot today either.
&& I had to go take an exam. eek I hope I didn't fail it.

Anyways, due to my lousy day, I have been pretend shopping on Etsy.
Here are some of the awesome things I found...

And here goes a personal question brought up by a friend last night...
I am pregnant with my first baby, and as excited as I am to have him and watch him grow, 
I do not want to have another baby right now.
Which birth control is the best out there?
I feel like I have heard a lot of crazy things about them all.


  1. I'm on Mirena and I absolutely love it. Having it placed post-baby will be significantly less painful due to your cervix already experiencing childbirth. I definitely recommend you do the research and look at the options from oral contraceptives to Depo Provera and Mirena. I have really loved my experience with Mirena.

  2. Are them camo Toms?! Also, I love you for asking this question on here, I'm still iffy as to what I'm going to do but I know that we are far from ready for baby #2. I hope your day ended better and today is much better than yesterday!


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