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Friday, March 15, 2013


To get this Friday started, I have to say that the Spice Girls have done it.
Why? because I can't stop thinking about my goofy husband singing this song last night.
and let me tell ya, he got into it (; right along with the Backstreet boys.


Dear husband; I know this week has been really stressful for you thanks to WLC, but baby it's FRIDAY! So get your booty home and let's relax a bit. I know you're pretty bummed out about not getting to celebrate St. Patty's day, but I have a little surprise for you. I was going to save it for Easter but I can't hide it any longer (: Dear Cayden; Holy cow baby boy, you're almost here. 6 more weeks, and I can't believe it but I am so ready to meet you. Promise me that you'll try and make labor easy since these past 8ish months have been hell?! Mommy loves you times a billion. Dear Friends; this is to my friends back home, my friends here in New York, and my blogger gals. While you're out having all the green alcoholic drinks you can possibly handle, please throw back a few for my husband and me. Thank you, we appreciate it. Dear College; let me just tell you how much I despise you right now. I hate the fact that you have piled on the most amount of work for me this weekend out of the entire semester. Spring Break starts next week, and frankly I'm pretty exhausted from being pregnant and sick. Ain't nobody got time for that.

1. What is your spouse’s favorite room in the house?
Chris: The living room
Ashley: Most definitely the living room.

2. What was the first picture of you both? Where were you/when was it?
Chris:Night after we met, she was schwasted and couldnt stand so we just took a picture with her sitting on the stairs.
Ashley: Oh my. It was the night after we just met. We were on the stairs at my house.

3. Describe a typical evening at home.

Chris: Whenever I get home we eat dinner, watch some tv, talk about what we did that day, then i COD it up!
Ashley: I get home from class. Wait for Christopher to get home from work. Make us something to eat. We watch tv and then he plays xbox. Then we go lay down in bed... Wow, we sound so lame!

4. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you & your spouse in public?
Chris: We were in Walmart and I let out a monster fart.  Naturally I blame it on Ashley but it backfired when a little kid walked through it and screamed to his dad that it smelled like poop! Unfortunately I think he saw me do it, which is embarrassing because no small child deserves what I unleashed in that aisle.
Ashley: Well being that he NEVER gets embarrassed, this one's all about me. Chris loves playing little jokes on me when we are in public... like every single time we are in public. For example, We were in line checking out at target and Chris rubs my pregnant belly and says "and tomorrow we find out who the daddy is!" Everyone heard him say it. It was wonderful.

5. What do you like best about your spouse’s personality?
Chris: Her positivity, she always puts me in a better mood even on the worst days.  
Ashley: How stinking goofy he is. Even though he absolutely embarrasses the shit out of my on a daily bases, he never fails to make me smile. I wouldn't have it any other way.

6. When it comes to ________ my spouse would win first prize.
Chris: Avoiding any type of exercise.  
Ashley: Being in shape.

7. What is your spouse’s best physical feature?
Chris: Her thighs! my thicky thicky thick gurl
Ashley: His arms, I LOVE his arms (: (: (:

8. What is your spouse’s most indispensable possession and why?
Chris: her blogs and her phone.  If shes not on one shes on the other and sometimes on both at the same time.
Ashley: the Xbox! I feel like it's his own little zone that he needs to be in let out all of his anger haha.

9. Do you think your spouse will be a good Mom/Dad (why or why not) or if you already have children, what makes your spouse a great Mom/Dad?
Chris: Without a doubt she will be the best mom Cayden could ask for
Ashley: I know for a fact that he'll be an amazing father. I can already tell that baby Cayden is going to melt his heart (:

10. What is something that your spouse is optimistic AND pessimistic about?
Chris: Shes optimistic about everything life throws at us, no matter what kind of situation we get ourselves into she always finds that ray of light.  Pessimistic about everyone that drives besides herself, and the neighbors.
Ashley: I would say he is pretty optimistic about his job. He has some pretty rough days but he is always talking about the opportunities he has to change things. He is pretty pessimistic about people in general.

Next weeks questions...

1.  Which does your spouse prefer? Summer or Winter Olympics?
2.  What advice would you give your 16 year old self, now with the knowledge that you have found and married "the one?"
3.  What expectations did you have going into marriage? How have they changed?
4.  When engaged, what did your spouse most look forward to about being married?
5.  What is your spouse's favorite meal that your prepare?
6.  What is your spouse's favorite form of exercise?
7.  What sport would your spouse most prefer to actually participate in? 
8.  What is the strangest food your spouse has ever eaten?
9.  Is your spouse a country gal/boy or a city slicker?
10. Who is the "handyman" in your home? You or your spouse?

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  1. Congratulations on your baby boy!! Six more weeks? He'll be here in the blink of an eye!!

    New follower from today's link up!!

    Come say Hi!
    xo, Ashley @ Horseshoes & Pearls

  2. Ashley, you have such a cute blog! & Congrats on the new 'Mommy' title!! Little boys are the best! :)

  3. You've changed your blog again! I like it. (:
    No worries, KC and I will throw a couple back for you and Chris this weekend.

  4. Ohhh, Spice Girls. Such happy teenage memories. I'm sure I have that CD hiding somewhere along with my Britney...

  5. Haha...I would be so embarrassed at that "Tomorrow we find out who the daddy is" thing. I would probably walk out of the store!

  6. Hi Ashley! I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your blog on this week's Meet Me Monday blog hop! I hope you stop by and check it out. Good luck with your little man! He'll be here before you know it =)


  7. Hi Ashley!
    I'm here from the stitchin mommy blog hop. I'm following you on bloglovin' from today :)
    ...and congratulations!

  8. LOL Love it when my husband just randomly starts singing some off the wall song that I would never imagine him knowing the words to. Good luck to your hubs at WLC. Mine went through it and while it was only a couple of weeks, everything fell apart while he was gone from washer breaking, brakes, alternator, and an nasty infestation of field mice. LOL Gotta love life sometimes. Hope you can get a break soon. Following you on bloglovin' and stopping by from Meet Me Monday's hop.

  9. that ain't nobody got time for that video is sadly hilarious...and also sadly occurred not too far from where I live...oh dear. (ps: have you seen the music video they made for it?)

    bahaha to number 4, his story definitely sounds like something my husband would do but your story! Oh my...just hilarious but totally embarrassing!
    haha oh my gracious to 7! My husband would have said the same thing if I'd let him...

    glad yall linked up! I enjoyed reading them. :)


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