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Friday, March 1, 2013

It's FINALLY Friday!

I think I might be enjoying these link-ups a little too much. 
They could possibly take over my entire blog! 

The Newlywed Game #5 

ONE:What advice would you give a friend who found out that he/she is getting married?

Me- To enjoy every moment you have together, and don't sweat the small stuff.

Chris- uhm everythings not about you anymore, be prepared to be broke, and just be happy (:

TWO:Do you have a pet name for your spouse?  If so, what is it?
Me- Not really, hubby? babski?
Chris- does baby count? I always call you baby.

THREE:What are 3 things that your spouse cannot live without?

Me- Xbox , Phone, ME (:
Chris- Phone, internet, hair accessories 

FOUR:What is your favorite date idea? (something you have or haven't done)
Me- I'm stealing my husbands answer because it's so the truth... amusement park.

Chris- Amusement park.

FIVE:Is there a book or movie that reminds you of your marriage with your spouse? If so, which one and why?
Me- being that every movie/book begins/ends in some sob story, no. haha This is my perfect fairytale (;

Chris- I'm going to have to say no...

SIX: Rate the very last kiss you had with your spouse.  How was it on a scale of 1-10?
Me-hahaha, I wasn't really awake for our last kiss.

Chris- it was a half kiss, in the morning, she was grumpy and had morning breath... (:

SEVEN:What was the very first thing you noticed about your spouse when you first met??
Me- his crazy muscles, tattoos, and gorgeous face. no joke.

Chris- Her smile!

EIGHT:What was the very first gift your spouse ever gave you?
Me- Before I moved to New York with him, he sent me sunflowers out of the blue (: because they are my favorite.

Chris- She sent me a box to the barracks for Easter FULL of candy and little army men.

NINE:Is there anything you sacrificed when you married your spouse?  If so, what?
Me- my chance to live somewhere warm, we are stationed in New York. bleh

Chris- Call of Duty time...

TEN: What would your spouse say is the funniest photo of you? Try & describe the picture, or post it below!
Me- this is a hard one because we take a million pictures, especially goofy ones we never show anybody else. but I'm going to have to say the one when we were in a restaurant and I tucked my upper lip. 
Chris- The one I hate. she knows what I am talking about. ( It's a HILARIOUS picture of his face, He won't let me show anyone.)


Dear Saturday, I can't wait for you to be here. I know I'm rushing the weekend a little by skipping out on your friend Friday, but I'm super excited for our last baby shower and I can't wait to hang out with all of our friends! 
Dear Husband, You're amazing and I truly mean that. You've done more for me than anyone can imagine. I could go on forever with all the mushy comments on how much I love and appreciate you, but back to the Friday we are in right now... I really need to get off my blog, I really need you to get of COD, and we really need to go grocery shopping (:
Dear Cayden, I love you times a million already, and no matter what you do that will never change. However, I do have one simple request... I really would appreciate it if you would stay away from my ribs. I know your stuck in such a small place, but mommy is really going through some pain. Your kicks are faaaaar from ballerina. On another note, I can't wait to meet you! Please don't be ashamed of our tiny apartment we have right now. We only expected it to be daddy and me for a while. but we are moving soon to a better place soon in GORGEOUS Colorado (:
Dear Thor, I love you and you're the best puppy in the world. Thanks for sleeping with your butt in my face all night last night., p.s. your farts are deadly and you sleep really weird.


  1. Hi Ashley!! So nice to "meet" you!
    Thanks so much for linking up for the Newlywed Game!
    Hope you enjoyed it!
    Your husband had me laughing so hard for the "be prepared to be broke" answer... that is SO true in our case too. Also love his answer about the last kiss you both had! Haha.

    & That picture of you is hilarious!!
    Thanks again for linking up.. I am excited to be following along with you!

    1. Also! Just got your comment on my blog (thank you!!)
      Wanted to let you know, I tried to respond to your comment (through email)
      but you are a "no-reply" blogger... which just means that your email is hidden!
      Here is an excellent blog post that explains how to change that...

      How to not be a no-reply blogger

      Then once you fix that, I can reply to your comments and my replies will go straight to your email!
      So glad you have joined the blog world! =D

  2. Loved getting to read your answers! I loved that his sacrifice was call of duty time! Such a cute couple!

  3. Loved reading all your answers! I chuckled at your "last kiss", we've had a bunch of those too!

  4. Not sweating the small stuff is such good advice! That and other people feeling the need to comment on YOUR life together. Ignore them and live your life together. That's exciting that you get to move to Colorado, it's absolutely stunning there! Does Cayden "tickle" your ribs? Wyatt use to use either his fingers or toes on my ribs and it felt like he was playing a guitar.

  5. I'm here from Friday's Letters and obviously a new reader! Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! :P I hope you have the best time at your shower tomorrow :)

  6. don't sweat the small stuff, AMEN!
    An amusement park does sound like a great date night idea! love that...
    Great answers! Glad you linked up!
    and yay for friday's letters, I seriously love doing Friday's of my fav link ups from all time!

    and your puppy picture is hilarious!


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