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Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Monday already ):

Well dang. That weekend just flew by.


  • I slept in like a baby
  • Chris got off work early and played some COD
  • We finally went grocery shopping
    • Con: the whole world was there shopping too
    • Pro: we only spent $130 compared to our normal $180
  • Took a trip to the dollar store
    • Chris had to prove that they sold our dogs food for two dollars cheaper
    • I hate when he is right!
  • Rented End of Watch
    • Freaking AMAZING movie. I highly recommend it

  • Steph and Mila through us baby shower number 3!
  • We all brought our puppies and they had a blast together
  • We ate some amazing food and cake
  • Played some goofy games
    • Cracked up about how competitive the guys were getting.
  • We got even more amazing gifts!
    • especially diapers. Chris bought a keg and in order to drink from it, you had to bring a pack of diapers.
  • We started a fire and roasted marshmellows
  • Everyone got a little smammered ( except poor little me of course! haha)
  • Ended the night in my warm bed with my three favorite boys!
    • Christopher, Cayden, and Thor (:

  • Woke up and gave my husband a recap of the previous night!
  • We cleaned house
  • Went shopping and bought some last minute baby stuff with our gift cards
  • Ordered our stroller and infant car seat!
  • The Medina's came over to watch The Walking Dead with us

The only bummer was that all of our pictures of the baby shower got deleted 


  1. Oh no =( thats a bummer that all of the pictures got deleted =( but sounds like you had a great weekend other than that!

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