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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Care packages

As all of you know, deployment really blows. If you read my last post, you know that I'm having major issues getting through this. Well, on the positive side of things, I've found something to sort of occupy my time. CARE PACKAGES! I can seriously be such a creative person when given the chance and I've really found my time to shine (: 

Package #1 (Power Up) 

-strictly stuffed full of redbulls
(Get it? power up, energy, Mario?)

Package #2 (Valentines Day)

-red velvet cakes
-assorted chocolates
-a workout mask he ordered
(Random, I know)
-hand lotion
(Seriously for his cracked hands. Get your mind out of the gutter.)
-a card confessing my love for him

Package #3 (Valentines box two)

-full of home made chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels my cousin and I made.

Package #4 (St. Patricks Day)

-green fuzzy mustache stickers
-silly St Pattys shutter shade glasses
-green shower shoes
-3 pair of green underarmour underwear
-leprechaun bark chocolate
-green orbits gum

Package #5 (Stay Strong Soldier)

-KCCO military shirts
(Chive on baby)
-"I hope they serve beer in hell" book 
-a book for Cayden that he is going to record him reading and send back
-a flash drive full of music, home videos, movies, and TV shows
-red bulls
-sour patch kids

So what do you think? Am I totally creative or totally corny? Or maybe even a little bit of both? 


  1. 1. I sent a ton of boxes over to Korea so far for the husband, and each has it's own little theme and fun things. It's totally not corny, they totally love receiving them, and you're totally having fun with it so why stop!? :)
    2. I sent the husband bits and pieces of Tucker Max's books all though BCT which he passed around to all of his buddies. It's such a funny picker upper and a good send! and
    3. brighten up! Each package sent is one closer to him being back! You've got this!!!

  2. I loved sending Kyle care packages! I always sent Diet Dr. Pepper and he was a happy camper. Oh and cake in a jar.


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