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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lazy Sunday

I am so off my blogging game. Holy cow someone pick me back up. I've just got a few things to talk about. Please excuse my boringness but I don't have a computer right now so blogging is being done off of my phone. (hints why you guys should help my husband and me win matching iPads)

Well my poor baby is so sick right now. He's got an ear infection , he's teething , and he's got a cold. The doctors have him on an antibiotic for his ear and breathing treatments every four hours for the cold. Baby and momma have gotten absolutely zero sleep! 

Yesterday I helped my cousin make lots of yummy treats for her sons daycare class and we even made a box full of chocolates to send to my husband and all his men in Afghanistan. 

As I had mentioned in my last post, Chris and I were entered into a radio contest for Valentines Day Cutest Couple. Winners get to take home matching iPads. Which Chris and I could use since he's deployed and my brand new Mac book was stolen! Voting starts tomorrow and I'll post the link on here. We would appreciate everyone's votes (: 

I have just a few questions for you ladies...
- do you use the bloglovin' app? Do you have issues commenting on some blogs?
-I'm new to watermarking my pictures, do you use an app on your phone to watermark? 


  1. I don't watermark my pics or use the Bloglovin' app so I guess Im not much help :/

  2. Woot! Good luck with the contest! Hope the little guy feels better!!
    I think with the BL app, I have a hard time commenting on the Wordpress blogs.
    I don't really watermark from my phone, but I think you can use an app called Mixture to do it.


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