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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boggled Mind Set

All day today I have been typing and deleting this post. For some reason I just can't catch my wording. There are so many things I want to touch base on but my mind is so boggled that it's just not going to let it come out. This past month has been one of the hardest times I have been through. I never expected deployment to effect me as hard as it has. I have had so much support and have received some amazing advice from fellow spouses but I tell you what, nothing can prepare you for this time. And excuse my bluntness, but the Army's unorganized shit show before and during (and I'm sure after) doesn't make this experience any easier. SOOO If I get a little cranky from time to time, please bare with me. I'm literally on an emotional roller coaster.

On another note, Chris and I were entered into a silly radio station contest for Valentines Day cutest couple! Winners receive two iPad air's. My brand new Mac Book Pro was stolen out of my house and Chris's laptop is about 5 years old and ready to crash. With Chris being deployed we could REALLY use these iPads. Voting starts on Monday morning, I'll definitely post the link on here and would so appreciate yals votes.


  1. Yeah, deployments are only marginally organized chaos. To be honest, I found that I had really find myself in order to get through deployment #1. It was nice having friends who had dealt with the same thing, but it all came down to me. Now with deployment #2, I know what it's like (though the nerves for me are worse), so I've been able to cope mo' better.

  2. You got my vote! Be sure to post the link!

  3. I'll vote! That makes me mad someone stole your MacBook, ugh!!! You two are such a cute couple, I can't handle it. And we're not a military couple, but one of my best friends and her husband are and she told me all about how ridiculously unorganized the Army's shit is so I understand!


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