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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Stories Begin

I'm back! Agh. So much has been going on it's crazy.
BUT we are finally settled in to our new place! Only to move again in three months,
when Chris deploys. Bleh, we don't need to talk about that.

While I was absent from the blog...

  • We found out Cayden HAS to have heart surgery at some point
  • Christopher graduated Air Assault school AND got promoted in the same day
  • We moved into a bigger apartment
  • We went home to Ohio for two weeks
  • We went to the movies for the first time since I had Cayden
  • We had much needed family time with both of our families
  • We spoiled ourselves a little with some shopping
  • We went to Kings Island
  • We went to Georgia for my brother in laws graduation from basic
  • We had our first night out drinking since I had Cayden ( and legally for me )
  • I was legitimately Catfished
  • My husband worked my ass in the gym.
  • I got my first Vox Box from influenster
Obviously A LOT has been going on, 
so I will be spending a lot of posts covering some of the events.
I hope you guys don't mind (:

Stay tuned in.


  1. So many exciting and amazing things happening for you all! :)

  2. Yay for VoxBox! Which one did you get?!
    I need to hear how you were Catfished!!!?
    Everything sounds wonderful! Hope you're able to take care of the surgery while your husband is still here.

  3. wow so much stuff!!! i feel like we've been running around like crazy too. I'll keep little Cayden in my thoughts. Do you know when yet?


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