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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I was Catfished!

One morning, while I was in Ohio, I was browsing through facebook
and noticed some friends talking about how someone had made a fake profile of one of them.
So, natrually, I head over to the search box, and type my name in.
Of course, my personal profile pops up. But then I notice another personal profile of mine.
Only, it really wasn't mine.

Talk about creepy.
Yeah, those are MY pictures.
That's MY information.
That's MY son.

I was/am not a happy camper about this.


  1. OMG really??? That's super creepy! You should report that profile!

  2. Report it and make them take it down! That's nuts! You do not need your son up there in someone's creepy land!

  3. Not only is it creepy that they made a profile, it makes you wonder why they chose you, how they got all that information {unless its identical to your own profile, right down to including your son's middle name} etc. I hope you've reported it!

  4. WTF?! That really is creepy!! I hope you were able to have it taken care of! Any idea who it could have been?

  5. Oh my goodness!!! This is really scary.

  6. No fun =( My friend had this happen to her with pictures of her family and everything except the person changed all the names like 3 times. Just keep looking it up! I have heard that is a new thing people are doing to military family members and they will add all your friends trying to get info! Just make sure all your FB friends know to be careful which information they share!


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