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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As you all my know, Cayden is a CHD baby. (if not, read about it here.)
When we were given a list of warning signs to look out for.
I no longer let him sleep in his bassinet. He came right in the bed with us.
So there ya have it. I admit to co sleeping with my infant.
I told myself that I would only do it for a few weeks.
But here we are, 3 months later and he's still in our bed.

Honestly, it's not as horrifying as everyone thinks.
When I became a momma, I stopped sleeping so hard.
When Cayden makes even the smallest movement, I'm awake.
So no, I'm not going to "roll over on him."

It has actually been proven that mom and baby don't hit their deepest
sleep stages while sleeping together. So that, one, reduces the risk of
mom rolling over on baby and two, promotes better sleep because
mom and baby end up sleeping for longer stretches.

While I am throwing out this fact,  
I reckon I can go ahead and tell some more benefits of co-sleeping (:
  • They say that the baby hearing your breathing and/or detecting your heart beat "reminds" them to breath. 
  • There have also been studies done showing that it can encourage independence and build self esteem.
  • Breastfed Babies tend to feed longer which increases their oxygen flow. In return, helping their little bodies to grow.
  • and more benefits here.
Plus, I love waking up to the little coo's and sweet face of my precious boy.
Do/Did and of you co-sleep with your wee one?


  1. I co-sleep with my 1 year old :)

  2. I let Jonah sleep on my chest sometimes but I haven't put him in our bed yet. Usually he just sleeps on my chest when we are taking naps downstairs and in the middle of the night after him being fed and Im just to lazy to walk back up the stairs.

  3. I did co-sleep with my now 12 yr old. At first it was out of necessity. Her daddy deployed when she was 5 days old, and I had no help. I had so many stitches from giving birth (thank you Naval Hospital San Diego), that I had a hard time getting around. Having her near me was just as much for me, as it was for her. I loved it. I'm also a CHD "kid" (if I can be a kid at 32)!

  4. I did sleep with my newborns. I don't think I'd ever roll onto my baby because I sleep with my husband and I don't roll onto him. I also don't roll off the bed! you are just aware of where you are sleeping.

  5. I was terrified to sleep with my baby until he was about six months old, and now we do it all the time! It's sooo much easier, he sleeps longer, and I think it helps with bonding.


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