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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Challenge Group Interest?

I am thinking about starting up a small 6-day Shakeology challenge group.
If anyone is interested please comment on this post or e-mail me personally.

5 day ShakeOlogy Challenge is for:
Anyone at any fitness level.
Someone looking for motivation or extra support.
Someone looking for a little jump start on their fitness goals.

My plan would go along these lines:
-Join my FB group that is private for these members only
-Make a free Beachbody Account through the website I will give you
-Purchase 6 Shakeology packs for $30.00
-Drink ShakeO for one meal each day
-Participate in the daily workout I will have posted or post what you did as a workout for at least 30mins.
-Answer the daily question(s) 
-Post daily pictures and measurements of your progress (if you feel comfortable)

On day 6, I would set you off on your own.
I'd have you answer just a few questions for me 
and see if anyone would be interested in a bigger challenge group
or in another smaller one.

Please let me know how you feel about doing this, 
and direct anyone who you think would be interested towards me.
and let me know of any other questions you may have!!! (:


  1. I'd love to, if I don't have to buy the ShakeO, since well - I already have some!

  2. Id like to my email is


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