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Friday, July 19, 2013

Carrying On The Letters

Just because this song gets my a little hyped...
Okay a lot hyped.
This is a really good motivational work out song.
Linked up with I Wore Yoga Pants.

Dear LinkUp; I know you're not happening anymore but I really like writing letters on Friday so I'm just going to go ahead and do so. Dear Friday; wow you just came up and bit me right in the ass. I can't believe you're already here! Hopefully we find something to do this weekend since the hubs has a long next couple of weeks in Air Assault school. Dear Army; I wish you would make up your mind and stop throwing all these curve balls. Changing our plan of action a month before we were supposed to leave is very aggravating. Please tell us what is going on so that we can get our stuff together and figure out what we need to do. Ugh.Dear Husband; I just adore you and appreciate everything you do for Cayden and me. You're the best husband/daddy ever(:

Dear Cayden; you are talking my head off boy and I love it. You're seriously adorbale and I just can't get enough of you. I can't believe you're already teething though. My goodness child. Can you slow down a bit? Dear Weather; can ya calm down with the heat please?! Some of us just realized our apartment wasn't equipt with air conditioning. We are melting over here. Seriously though, 90 degrees and 86% humidty is a bit ridiculous. Dear Self; dang girl, your body is looking pretty awesome. No where near where your goals are, but hey you're making progress. I must give a big shout out to Shakeology and all other beachbody products. I'm so happy that I signed up as a Coach and am working with such a great team. 


  1. Ok seriously?! You look great! I seriously need to start eating better, sometimes I just snack all day and then eat dinner.. and then Im always feeling sluggish.

  2. wow. I can never hope to look that great! jealous!

  3. OMG girlfriend! You are rockin those abs! Awesome to see hard work pay off :)

  4. You look great - you go girl!


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