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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post-Baby Work Out.

That's right ladies. This new momma is going to stop all her complaining and start taking action.
Finding motivation has been harder than ever but I think I finally have the support I have been looking for.
My fitness loving, awesomely in shape husband is behind me 110% 
and I've even got the support from friends.
So goodbye nasty flabby body and hello hot momma (:

Incase you're interested, these are the work outs I have been doing,
and let me tell you, you'll feel the burn.
But hey, no pain no gain right?


This video will give you a 10 minute intense
 full body work out. This may be easy for someone who works out religiously, but for someone like me who has been seriously slacking,
 It's a great work-out.

This is the other work out I have been sticking to.
 I think it's awesome and it's sticking with the basic stuff
until I am able to do more.

And for the times Cayden just won't sleep.
I put him in his carrier and I dance around the house
like a fool with him strapped to my chest.
It's like the mommy version of Zumba.


  1. Im going to try this tomorrow! I never work out but I seriously need to do something since having Jonah. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I LOVE both of those workouts!! Check out all of my Pinterest boards for some other awesome workouts! I'm a HUGE fan of Cassey Ho - you can find all of her workouts on YouTube and they're all AWEsome!

    Good Luck! :D

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