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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Camo Cupcakes!

 I have probably pinned this a million and a half times on my pinterest, swearing that I was going to do it.
Just like all the other DIYs and recipes I pin, and well dag on, I actually did this one.
Camouflage Cupcakes. Now let me warn you, if you're going to try this, things WILL get messy.
Now, on to the instructions...

First off, I used two cake mixes. One chocolate and one white. I made the two exactly how the boxes instructed and pre set the oven for the temp they said. Then I separated them into four different bowls. I left one white and one chocolate of course. Then I mixed equal parts chocolate and white. and for the green I did mostly white, a weee bit of chocolate and green food coloring.

 Now, some people tend to get all fancy smancy and separate their colors into cute little decorating bags and squeeze them out into the cupcake trays. Yeah Yeah, that'll save you 90% of the mess, but who cares, right?! I used spoons. I spooned a little bit of each color into the cupcake trays and it worked just fine.

Finally, I popped those babies into the oven and waited patiently on the couch...

and finally, 18ish minutes later, I had these awesome camo cupcakes!


  1. I have these pinned, too! I think we might have to have a GI JOE party for L's 2nd birthday this year, so I can make these! Yours came out great!

  2. They look seriously so good, I'm dying for a good fattening cupcake (preferably chocolate).


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