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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long Post Tuesday!

Where did my weekend go? 
and where did my spring break go?
I seriously enjoyed laying around my house for a week wayyy too much.
But I guess it's time to snap back to reality.
Before I do that, I'll catch you up on where I have been the past like 5 days
Since obviously it hasn't been on here! haha

Friday: Chris got out of work super early, like 9am early. Which was awesome (: This was also the morning that he devoured the side of our neighbors car, They parked in our driveway and when Chris left at 4am in a hurry he didn't notice the random black car parked behind him and backed right in to it. As mean as this may sound, it was kind of funny because my husbands truck is fine and we haven't been getting along with our neighbors. Anyways, we ran around the rest of the day doing some errands and then went over to the Medina's for lunch/dinner with a couple friends. We went home for a little bit and then Chris went to the gym for about an hour or so and his lovely self brought me home some AMAZING Banana Split ice cream! He is the best, I swear (:

-Oh and when we were at the Medina's, we came out to our car and had a HUGE bright green sticker on our window saying that they were coming to tow our car because one of our tires were in the grass... Well naturally, this didn't fly with us. My husband went to the apartment building office and simply asked the lady why there was a sticker on our car THAT WONT COME OFF and who is going to be responsible for removing it. She complained that "we" have been warned many times not to park in the grass. He explained that we don't live in these apartments, we are visiting friends, so no "we" had not been warned. She continued to argue that we had been and that if we wanted to take it up with maintenance, they would be back tomorrow... The sticker is still on my car...

Saturday: We walked around the mall for a little while and then went to see GI Joe. Let me just tell you know, if you're going to see that movie because you wanna see some Channing Tatum action, pick a different movie. Sorry to ruin it for anyone who cares, but he dies within the first couple scenes. Complete bummer for me. The movie itself was pretty good, but I wasn't impressed. Olympus has Fallen was a MILLION times better. 

Sunday: We spent our Easter being lazy, which I have no complaints about. We stayed in the house most of the day. I went a little crazy and started organizing somethings thanks to this nesting fever I am going through. Later that night the Medina's came over and we watched the season finale of Walking Dead... Can you say terrible?! Oh my gosh. I'm sick of these people being big babies. 90 percent of the episode was about Andrea trying to grab pliers with her feet and someone crying about some issue. Like where did the zombies go? Carl is the only baddass left. Next season better step its game up or I might just stop watching it.

Baby Update!
I had an appointment today...
My Doctor did an ultrasound in the office because I told her that I love seeing him.
How awesome, right?! She claimed she was doing it because she "was feeling lazy"
and couldn't "figure out how he was laying" haha, she's a trip.
This one took me a minute to figure out, but once I seen it I couldn't stop looking at him (:
His head is at the top and it's like you're looking down on his forehead and nose. You can kind of see his lips. and then his arm is in front of his head.

I am 36 weeks and 3 days along.

My Ribs hurt like crazy and my back has been killing me. My nausea is starting to come back occasionally. If I stand up for too long my feet start to swell a little. I pee at least 20 times a day, about 4 of those times are in the middle of the night. My belly has started cramping a little but nothing serious. My legs cramp a little here and there at night. I have zero stretch marks on my belly, which is AWESOME(:

Cayden is doing fine inside my belly. He moves around like crazy all day and all night! The Doctor said he is still measuring about 3 weeks small but he is doing okay. They might order me one more ultrasound to check on him, but they aren't concerned about anything. During the ultrasound she did today, I got to see him breathing in and out the amniotic fluid which was pretty neat. and last but not least, He has moved into the head down position! 

My next appointment is April 16th.

Seven Things I do EVERYDAY...
1. Scratch Christopher's back while he presses snooze 2-3 times in the morning. He is my spoiled husband. There's no doubt about it.
2.Love on Thor like he is my child. We cuddle for like 30minutes before I actually get out of the bed. I kiss and pet on him like crazy. It's kind of ridiculous how much I love him.
3.Rush to the kitchen to enjoy an amazing bowl of cereal and glass of milk. (pregnancy craving)
4. Work on school work. Not a day goes by that I am completely homework free. ugh.
5.Catch up on whatever show I missed. I rarely watch tv shows when they actually play. Thank goodness for my DVR. I'd be lost without it.
6. I sit and think about all the things I need to do to get ready for baby Cayden to be here. Even things that have already been done. I have an issue with stressing myself out over nothing.
7. Love on my gorgeous husband when he comes home from work. I swear I could kiss on that man all day long (:

Also, I have to write another english paper this week.
I need a Compare & Contrast topic
any suggestions?!

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  1. I love my DVR too. I don't know what I would do without it! We spoil our men! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Awe, both of our husbands are spoiled. Mine makes me to that to his back all the time too. :) You are going to be a fantastic mommy if that list of in your head is always on your mind. Prepared for sure! :)

  3. So glad you got to see the baby! :)

  4. hEY i found your blog while wandering around. I could agree with your GiJoe comment. Olympus has fallen was a billion times better than this movie i hate to say i fell alseep & the fact that Channing dies so soon was a big bummer! Congrats on your baby, comming pretty soon!!
    -Annastasia xox
    Your Newest follower<3

  5. Hahaha.. funny car story! Glad he's alright (and the truck too!)
    How awesome, you got to see your little guy!
    So cute! =)

  6. Your compare and contrast could be about two characters on The Walking Dead! I hate papers. lol.

    But I have to disagree! I can't stand Carl. Something about him just makes me want to slap him and tell him to stop being a baby. Haha.

  7. Cayden is such a great name! Your doc seems amazing!

    Umm the sticker story is SO ANNOYING I would have put a sticker on the ladies face. What a goon. I have heard of tickets but a STICKER??? Oh my Lord how annoying!!! lol great story though.

  8. I saw that you have my button on the side of your blog! Consider it a swap! You are on my blog now! :)


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