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Monday, April 22, 2013

That Mommy Life

I was completely terrified of actually becoming a mommy.
but after this week and a half of enjoying my sweet baby Cayden,
I've found it to be the most rewarding thing ever.
Even when my little booger wants to stay awake all night after I feed him,
and after all the wonderful presents he leaves for me in his diapers.
I honestly can't get enough of him.

I love this mommy life (:

Cayden Troy
You weigh 6lbs and 5oz now.
Some how you shrank to 18" (you were 22")
You're already rolling onto your side.
You're picking your head up.
You love sleeping on my chest.
You hate when mommy and daddy kiss you.
You're a pooping machine.


  1. Awe! adorable my dear! You are wonderful mommy!

  2. So precious. I can already tell that you are an amazing mommy and he is a blessed little boy. :)

  3. You're going to do great, Ashley! It's just so natural to instantly KNOW what you're doing with him. Doesn't it feel right with him in your arms? He's adorable.

  4. It's normal to be scared. I'm still scared sometimes and my son is 4. Just enjoy the time because it goes by way too quickly. Found you through the link up. Check out my blog for a stella & dot giveaway and join me this Thursday April 25 for my link up.


  5. Very sweet! It's going to be a fun journey to follow along with. He's adorable. Congrats!

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  6. Just found your blog, and your little man is adorable!!
    Have fun being a mommy!!

  7. Yay!!! I'm so glad you guys are home and doing better!!! He is such a cutie!!!

  8. yay congrats! I am a new reader and I had to subscribe when I saw you sporting Cincy (my hometown!) gear in a previous post! xo whodey ;)

  9. <3 <3 <3 the cutie patootie pics :D I'm a new GFC follower and would love it if you checked out and followed my blog too :) Have a great weekend!


  10. So glad that you're home with him now! What a sweetie pie he is! Congratulations!! xoxo


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