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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mommy Fears

It's Tuesday... again.
and personally, it's been a cruddy day for me.
I woke up at 430 this morning with cramps all over my stomach, which meant no going back to sleep for me.
I laid on the couch awake while Chris got ready and left for work. I watched a couple shows and cuddle up with my puppy until I could finally relax a little bit. Around 830 I made my way back to bed. I ended up sleeping until 1, but it was an off and on sleep so it was pretty lousy. Anyways, I got out of bed and took a shower. I finished writing my English research paper. Then came to realize that I have MASSIVE amounts of work to do for Sociology... plus I still need to finish my Psychology paper. Wow, college is kicking my ass for sure.

Tomorrow morning I have a breast feeding class to go to. I'm pretty excited to go because I know absolutely nothing about breast feeding. I just know that it's highly recommended to do. I'm also pretty bummed because they recommend that your spouse comes with you but Chris is in WLC so he can't come. Oh well. I also found Samantha over at Hooah and Hiccups post to be helpful. Definitely check it out if you're in the same spot as me.

For all those mommies out there. This one will GLADLY take any advice.

  • I'm nervous about waking up with the baby all the time. If you know me, I am NOT a morning person.
  • I'm nervous that I don't have what it takes to be a mom. Juggling school, a baby, a dog,  and possibly a job, plus being the best wifey (: I don't know if I'll be able to do it.
  • What about my body post-baby?! I'm all sorts of insecure already, now what am I going to do with all the extra weight and whatever else comes with...?
  • I guess I need to get to backing my hospital bags. I've read so many lists, but what do I actually need?
  • Between the next 3-4 months we will be PCS to Colorado. That's a 28 hour drive... with two seperate cars, a baby, and a dog... How do we make this work?
  • How bad is labor.. honestly?


  1. Wow, I could write a whole post on your questions you just asked! I did a 22 hour car ride with a 6 week old. It sucks when they are crying and there is nothing that you can do. But what worked for us was to feed her, change her and then put her in her carseat. She usually cried herself to sleep (not something we do when we are at home)and then slept for a few hours. When she woke up crying, we would find the nearest exit and feed her in the back of the parking lot. It adds time on your trip but isn't too bad when they are so little and love to sleep.
    Yes, labor is as bad as everyone says but the minute that baby is in your arms, you won't care...and it is so worth it.
    Your body after labor is a mess. Thankfully you have that sweet baby to make up for it. If you breastfeed, losing weight isn't that hard. But it will take awhile for your stomach to look normal again. I have a baby 10 weeks ago and I'm still insecure about my body even though I am at prepregnancy weight again.
    I am not a morning person either and the lack of sleep HURTS. The first month is the hardest but the second month is easier because they will sleep longer at night. Just take plenty of naps. It's the only way I survived the lack of sleep.
    Good luck with everything!

  2. Don't be worried! You will do just fine! Like everything else it is a learning process and you will get the hang of it all and be a great mom!

  3. First and foremost, BREATHE.
    Labor isn't THAT bad. Epidurals are amazing, and they don't let you see anything. It hurt for literally a minute and then the contractions were bearable. The contractions fucking hurt, be prepared but everyone is different so it may not be as bad for you.
    If you breastfeed you burn a shit ton of calories, take the classes and do what you feel is best for you. I tried but Wyatt was tongue-tied so he had to get his tongue clipped and it made it so I couldn't breastfeed the first few days and then I was so overwhelmed that I just quit. I recommend doing it and seeing if it's for you or not.
    Being a mommy will come naturally. It will all just click, I promise.
    Getting up in the middle of the night was rough but KC helped a lot, hopefully Chris will take some of the stress from you.
    Sleeping when the baby sleeps is recommended but it's harder than it sounds. Be patient, walk away when you're overwhelmed. Taking a couple minutes away from him and just letting him cry is okay and he will be fine.
    Breathe, just remember to breathe and you'll be fine.

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  5. Once your handsome prince is born,you'll become a morning person. I was not a morning person before I had my daughter. You'll quickly adjust & you'll love every second of your motherly duties. As for you being nervous about having what it takes to be a mom...YOU DO! You'll do just fine. Motherhood is a learning experience, meaning that you're going to make a few mistakes but who hasn't? I researched plenty of sites/blogs inquiring what to pack for my hospital bag when I was preggo. I kept mine to basics:socks,bathrobe,leaving hospital outfit (I had a c section,so I wore a maxi dress home),going home outfit for baby,toothbrush,toothpaste,cell charger,camera,deodorant,lotion,chap stick,hand sanitizer & 3 days of clothes for my hubby. As for labor, I got off scotch free. I had to have a c section, so I never even got to feel a real contraction but I will tell you this, you only fear the unknown. I got over my fear of labor by reading material that my hospital provided to me at one of my pre-parenting classes.It explained every step of labor from when your water breaks to when your child is in your arms. I kid you not, after reading that material the idea of labor didn't freak me out not one single bit. Lastly, don't let anyone try to tell you whether or not you should/shouldn't have an epidural. It's your body,your choice. You know what you're capable of enduring,so please don't let anyone make you feel guilty about whichever you may choose. I had so many people trying to tell me what was best for me & it got old really quick lol. Trust your instincts, its the first step in being the best mother you can be to your son. Sorry so long lol Hope this helps.
    ~ Osh
    SunKissed Peony

  6. You sound like any mama to be sounds, full of questions and bit unsure, but once your baby arrives, you know exactly what to do.We are born to do this and it's the most amazing thing you'll ever do. Labor is special :-) but depends on each person itself. Mine was painful, but I did it without epidural and afterwards felt just great. It's something you have to figure out for yourself at the moment. Don't listen to all those horror stories some moms want to share with you, they make it sound like it's the worst thing ever. It's not :-) still call it one of the best experiences of my life :-)

    I will always remember something my midwife told me just before we went home: Just use your common sense and follow your heart, you'll know what to do. It was such simple advice, but whenever I felt like losing it, just remembered it and she was right :-)

    Good luck on everything!


    Cindy (new follower)


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