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Sunday, February 17, 2013

#1 Slacker!

Go me!! , for being completely determined to keep up with this blog thing and then completely failing.
I tell you what, being a full time pregnant army wife is pretty exhausting.
The internet has come to be the least of my worries recently.
but I guess it has come that time to update on our life!
So here goes nothing....

1.) Holy Christmas!

We decided to plan a nice trip home for Christmas. We ended up staying for about two weeks. Which may not seem like much, but it definitely was awesome compared to our normal 4 day trips home. We enjoyed about four different Christmas celebrations with our AMAZING families. We definitely appreciated every single gift we got and can already tell that our new little baby is going to be a complete spoiled brat.

On New Years we went out with my momma and one of my brothers to the Moose Lodge. It was fun for a little while, but it was more of an old people atmosphere. We ended up picking up my other brother and going to our friends house. I was of course the DD and babysitter for the night and oh let me tell you how fun that is. Taking care of three completely hammered men ( all older than me just fyi ) is a task that I recommend to no one! I must say that night turned out PPppRREeeeTTyYY interesting.

Our plan was to stay in Ohio for a full two weeks but ended up leaving a couple days earlier because New York had been hit by a pretty bad snow storm.

Our 1st baby Thor.
of which I am sure everyone is most concerned about...
Is doing fine. completely spoiled of course.
He has now mastered the trick of rolling over! yayyy(:
and we have recently discovered his love for the movie 101 Dalmations.

As for me...
I started back up into school. I am currently taking a few pre recs here in New York that go towards my nursing degree and I plan to continue the rest of my school in Colorado when we PCS.
I recently quit my job. They were acting like complete idiots to the fact that I am pregnant and I couldn't handle it any longer. I could go on a rant for hours about all the dumb shit they did but I'll just keep the stories for my husband (: Speaking of him... He is still working his butt off everyday to support our new baby, Thor, and me. I don't think I could ever put in words how much I appreciate him.

but now.. really.. the main person that everyone is concerned with.
The new baby growing in my belly.
Well we have decided to name him
Cayden Troy Markowski !
after six months of living over the toilet, he has finally let mommy keep down all of her food.
The Doctor says that everything looks good. He is in the 51st percentile.
Which means his growth is right around average.
I have to take extra iron every morning because I'm anemic now.
The one problem we are currently being faced with is that my belly is measuring small.
I am scheduled for another ultrasound on Feb 27th to make sure that I don't have IUGR.
If that's not the problem, the doctor says that I could just be making a small baby.
Fingers crossed that that is the case!
Now for the belly pictures and ultrasound pics...

These three are at the 5 month ultrasound.

Cayden's profile

His little Skeleton Face!

It's a boy!

about 24 weeks...

about 28 weeks...

Our 6 1/2- 7 month ultrasound..

precious baby Cayden's face

another profile shot

 and my belly as of now... 30 weeks

I'm pretty sure that's everything that has gone on between my last post and now. At least the major things.
Hopefully I can kick my butt back in gear and stay updated on this!

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