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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catching up Part II...

From Ohio to New York...

We spent alot of our time on the beach when I first got here. It's nothing special like California or Florida, but its a place where there is water, sand, and sunlight. Good enough for me. Plus everyone liked to play Volleyball and have a few beers so it was perfect.

Speaking of Volleyball. We were at the beach one day playing and i hit the ball some weird way i guess and completely bruised up my hand. I went to the emergency room a couple days later and they told me nothing was wrong but it still hurts me to this day... hmmm...

AnyWays.. Watetown finally got its FIRST Chipotle so of course we had to go eat there..

We tend to have a lot of parties at the house. For the longest time it seemed like we had one every weekend. but hey we are young, what do you expect?!

After a while of being here, we felt it was time to pay Ohio a little visit. and what better timing than to come on my best friend Chelsea's birthday. You better believe we surprised her (: and you better believe she got a little drunk that night after dinner!

One day we took a trip to Ager Falls. Its a little place with a pretty nice waterfall. It got a cliff that the guys like to dive off of and its just a cool place to hang out on a nice day. There is also a street sign MARKOWSKI ST. that of course we are determined to get before we leave New York (:

 We also tend to find ourselves at the Watertown Zoo a lot because I just cant seem to get enough of these goofy Alpacas.

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