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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Catching Up...

My aunt brought up the idea of me making a blog about Chris and me to help make our friends and families back home not feel so disconnected to our life. Being miles and miles away from everyone definitely makes things difficult to keep everyone updated on what we have been up to so I thought this would be a pretty good idea. (Thank you aunt Linda) So here is what has been going on between then and now...

I'll start from the beginning to the time I left Ohio.

My Friend Chelsea brought this crazy, good looking man over to my house to hang out with us and some friends. It was like love at first site. We continued to hang out until he had to go back to New York. He's in the army. Then we texted, called, and skyped every day, all day long.

I just couldn't take being so far away. We had to have more time to get to know each other in person. So my crazy self planned a trip to New York to stay with Chris for a couple days. They were some of the best days i had had in a looooong time. I knew this was something special.

We officially started dating!

I made another trip to New York.

Chris picked me up from the airport and told me we had to make a stop on the way to the Barracks. We went to Clerk Hall and he told me we were getting our Marriage License! I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. We were walking up the sidewalk and Chris turned around, got on his knee, and pulled out a cute 50cent ring and proposed to me(:

( This is all he could get in such short amount of time. We go pick out our rings later.)

Through the rest of the week we went out to eat a couple times, We went to a cinco de mayo party, He tried to make me look like a Michigan fan, We went to Watertown Zoo, and we went to the movies.

His friends threw us a Bachelor/Bachelorette party
and then FINALLY we got married!(:

When the week came to an end, I had to go back to Ohio. Through out the next couple months Chris made a couple trips to see me.

  • We picked out our rings. ( he took me to Jared! ) 
  • We went out to eat with his family.  His mom and grandma took me to get my nails and toes done.
  • We took my nephew out to the park and then to get ice cream
  • We went to kings Island with his mom and three brothers.
  • We went and got matching tattoos of our wedding date. 5/7/12
  • We had a cookout at the house to say good bye to everyone.

Then it was time to say good bye to the old and hello to the future.
New York Bound!

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