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Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is MY life, not yours

So I have obviously not posted in a LONG time.
A lot has been going on with my little man and we have been getting ready for deployment.
However, those are not the reasons that I have been missing.
Some one, some where. or some people, have been stealing my pictures and information from here,
and make profiles on other social media sites.
I'm really upset that I am constantly being catfished and honestly a little scared.

Threfore, I have been contemplating shutting my blog down.
I enjoy blogging to the fullest, but I really don't want fake little me's out there.
Especially because they are using my husband and MY SON!

What are yal's opinions?
Have you been catfished?
How do you prevent from being catfished?


  1. Oh goodness, this is really scary. Have you thought about making your blog private and only let invited readers join?

  2. water mark your photos. i use wordpress and have a plug in that does it for me. and copyright what you write.

  3. Oh man that sucks! If they're using photos on Facebook or a similar site, contact them and let them know they're fakes ASAP and the user will be flagged, possibly banned. watermarking is a great idea too!


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