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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Military Spouse

I was browsing through my newsfeed on good ol' Facebook today, 
and come across this story from a military spouse.
I fell in love with her story and just about every word she wrote.
People under estimate military spouses to the fullest.
and the show Army Wives doesn't help us out much.

I hate to steer away from her actual story ( because it really tugs at your heart )
but here are a few things that she had said that really screamed at me.


"This is the life (and many times, accurate portrayal) of an Army spouse. The real life. We struggle, we sacrifice, we suffer… all because we love a man or woman whose boots are routinely left in the walkway, whose uniform is constantly left on the floor and who wakes us in a panic at least one morning a week because their PT belt has disappeared." - Traci Moran

This just simply cracks me up because I don't know how many times my husband wakes me up in search of a part of his uniform two minutes before he has to leave, or how many times I get a phone call saying he needs me to bring him something he forgot.. at 5 in the morning.

"We went out on one super classy date to the Waffle House and our fate was sealed; we were married 9 days later. Yes, that’s right. I gave up my stable, comfortable income to move across the US and Canada, to Alaska, to follow him, nearly a stranger, to his duty station to explore true love.  That was my first experience with military spouse sacrifice." - Traci Moran

People always said that Chris and I were crazy. We met each other for the first time March 31, 2012. (also had a drunk, classy date to Waffle House). Got Married May 7, 2012, and had a baby April 4, 2013. What can I say? when ya know ya know. But just like Traci, I'll follow this "stranger" to anywhere and everywhere to be a part of this true love experience.

"Do I have a big mouth? Yes… but, I have a bigger heart. Do I use 'bad' words? I've been known to… but my message is always well intended. Did I work at Hooters? Yes, to support myself… and in way more clothes than most people wear to the beach. And if you think any woman in their right mind would marry a soldier for their money than perhaps you need to google their income" - Traci Moran

I have a personality faaar from what a "perfect" military spouse "should" have. I speak my mind at times that I shouldn't, I say a few words that should probably be thrown out of my vocabulary. But honestly I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet and I'd go out of my way to help someone else in a heart beat. And oh my, don't even get me started on people thinking women marry into the military for money. That's seriously the biggest joke ever.

"FINALLY!!! The world would learn about our struggles; they would be educated about our fears, they would receive insight into our lives and better understand the sacrifice that we, YES WE, make as spouses to service members. (I know.  Many of you are rolling your eyes… because we all know I am not allowed to claim any part of my husband’s military career… that would make me a 'tag chaser' or a 'rank wearer')"
"As military spouses we are the ONLY ones that could EVER understand this struggle. We shouldn't be fighting a war of harsh judgments and unfair expectations from one another on the home front while our service members are bravely protecting our great nation." - Traci Moran

I'll never claim that my job at home is just as tough as being soldier. I know that my husband deals with a mess of things all day, everyday and I know that he works his ass off to provide for his family. I know that I'll never understand how hard it is to keep your cool while being screamed at for something out of your control or how horrific a deployment can be. However, I am effected by every night that my husband is held for hours after work, everytime my husband is away for a field, sent to a different state for weeks for a class, or shipped out for a 9-12 month deployment... I'll be at home doing my best to keep things together for my sons sake. I'll work my best to keep our bills in order, my schooling on track, and making sure he has his home to come back to. I'll worry my heart out day in and day out. So honestly, if you ask me, I have a job within itself that can come to be compareable to my soldiers. But I'll do it and with a smile at that because I love my husband more than words can explain and it's all part of the sacrafice I make as a military spouse.



  1. Mhmm. Sooo with you, and Traci, on this one. I'm an unconventional military wife too. I didn't follow along to his station overseas, I work my tushie off at a full time job, and I don't particularly care what the "rules" are for military spouses b/c we're all humans and should treat each other as such no matter our rank or circumstance. There are so many people that have preconceived notions about this life, and it really needs to quit. Hopefully we can all bring some attention to the topic through our blogs :)

  2. Thank you so much for linking us over to Traci's article! I've been worrying and stressing for months about my eventual relocation to where my boyfriend, Ryan, is - especially because shortly after I get there, he's heading off for 5 weeks at WOCs in Alabama. Such is military life, right? I'm really glad to see so many refreshingly honest posts out there because, despite my nerves, it reassures me that I'm not alone :)

    New follower via GFC


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