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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Past Few Weeks

Wow, our past couple weeks have been extremely busy!
Chris has been getting ready for air assault school and working to get promotion points.
We've been making time for our social life with friends.
Taking Cayden to all his doctors appointments.
&& getting ready for a big move.

Here is my little recap of it all.

At the end of June, Fort Drum hosted an event called Mountain Fest. It reminded me of a small little fair. There was food, games and bouncy houses for the kids, and music. Later on that night Craig Morgan hosted a free concert for everyone. I was soooo excited to go see it. We all hung out and enjoyed ourselves through the local bands that opened up for him and then when they started preparing the stage for Craig... Cayden decided he didn't want to see him. Chris and I had to leave and yeah we were a little upset but hey! Baby Cayden ALWAYS comes first. Plus it was getting too hot and it was most likely going to be too loud for Cayden's little ears. At least we got to enjoy a yummy funnel cake though! 

Last weekend a bunch of us got together and went to the Syracuse Zoo. It was Cayden's first time and he was so interested in everything that was going on. When we were done we headed out to the big Destiny USA mall. Let me tell you, this mall has everything you could think of in it, even Wonder Works and go carts! wtf... Anyways, we ate at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill, which was DELIC, then we walked around for a while. I was determined to get Cayden a Sully outfit( from Monsters Inc. ) at the Disney store but just my luck, they were completely sold out ): boooo.

Last Thursday I had to take Chris's truck to the dealership to get his oil changed. Cayden and I sat patiently in the waiting area along with about 6 other people. We were just hanging out when my little booger decided to release all of the gas he had within him. My child burps and farts like a grown man. He smiled, everyone laughed, I was embarrassed.

When they were done with the truck we headed straight to the doctors office for his cardiology check up. Dr. Smith did another echo to look at his hole. He says Cayden pretty much looks the same. The hole is definitely there and rather large but since he is growing and eating fine they want to just keep on monitoring him. We have our last appointment with Dr Smith on the 1st of August and I must say I am very upset. We love him and he takes such good care of our little man. On the bright side, Dr Smith has a friend in Colorado who is board of pediatric cardiology and he is going to talk to him and make sure we get the best care for Cayden.

We spent our 4th of July out at our friends lakehouse. I made some amazing chocolate covered strawberries and patriotic deviled eggs. We enjoyed the day in the water and playing redneck beerpong. and at night all the families around the lake set off fireworks. It was amazing and I'd have to say probably better than most professional firework shows. Oh and please excuse how nasty we all look. It was very hot and some of us 
( meaning me ) got attacked by a bucket of water...


  1. It looks like your 4th was great! :) Love the pictures.

  2. Awe your son is so adorable!!!
    Just found your bog!
    So excited.
    I am now following you :)
    looking forward to keeping up


  3. Busy busy busy! Looks like a quality holiday dear

  4. Love to see you all enjoying life and having fun! The baby looks great. I hope you continue to have great doctor's for him. It sounds like you have a great doctor who is looking out for you. Love when professionals go above and beyond!


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