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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Suck at Blogging

I seriously get so excited sometimes when I comment on others blog posts that I rarely re check what I just typed. I probably make no sense or have typos 95% of the time. But at least I make sense in my
head right?!... noo, that's not right.

My blog keeps changing itself back to non reply blogger. Uhm WTF?! Are you trying to tell me something.

How the heck do I post every single day, comment on every blog I follow, AND keep my husband happy, house clean, baby and dog satisfied?

When I'm telling my husband about what my "friend" said and he asked who? and I say a blogger friend name and he looks at me all weird like "who?! I don't think I've met her?" and I'm all like yeah me either...Things get #awkard

Did I seriously just cook an awesome meal and not take a single picture for my next blog post?

I just remembered that I opened about six emails on my phone and didn't reply to them... like over a week ago.

When someone tells me that a friend of a friend of a friend told them they read my blog everyday. and I'm like "What? how do they even see it?" and then I realize that I promote my blog on just about every social media site that ever existed.

You mean I have to like this page, figure out what these letters are, buy a dog, and travel to Egypt just to post my two sense on someones blog post that I found interesting? 

Who takes all these pictures of these gorgeous ladies in their awesome outfits every single day? and why can't I have someone do that for me?

How do yal get people to give you things to review and then host a giveaway? I mean seriously! I want to do this!

Anybody suck as bad as I do?


  1. I can't stop laughing. I feel your pain. I feel like I've spent more money blogging or watching beauty vloggers than I ever have. There's just this natural expectation that with blogging comes x, y, z. Oh you don't have a tripod and self-timer remote- dur need that. I can tell you my timer remote doesn't even have batteries in it and I got it months ago. Taking hottie selfies takes a lot of work and by the time I realize I should be taking pictures it's already dark out and we all know from the million photo blogging tips that natural light is best *le sigh*

    But with all that said, I still love blogging :P

  2. I am new to blogging, I started to blog so my family could keep up with the daily shenanigans that go on. I can totally see how after a while it can get costly. And I have followed so many blogs that I have bought into so many different products. It does seem like a great way to meet new people and make connections.

  3. Awe hun. I felt like I was cruising around in your brain that whole post. I wish I could have someone hired to take my photographs too. Setting up the camera and the tripod and finding the camera remote, is too much work. No motivation anymore. ha ha

  4. Hilarious! I agree it is SO challenging to find time to blog when you have tiny people to take care of. Cheese and biscuits! They can take it out of you. Just know that you are not alone in your suckage. Wait. That was not really inspirational. I meant to say you do not suck at all. And I really love the clips you used. ;0)

    1. Forgot to mention I am stopping by from the MOHTH Blog Hop!

  5. I want to judo chop my computer every time I find out I am a no-reply blogger again. I try to fix it time and time again and it ALWAYS GOES BACK. *JUDO CHOP* Hiya!

  6. Haha the blogger friend one has me cracking up. I do the same thing.

  7. Haha this is too funny, and true! I'm the same way sometimes too!


  8. I love love love your use of GIFs on this post. It's a gift. I always admire people who use them very cleverly, please keep it up! :) Just thought I'd say thanks for the smile and silent giggle (I love oxymorons!) before I forget. Because I always say I will come back and comment...and well you can guess how that goes.

    God bless!


  9. i have my good weeks and bad weeks..but you are seriously not alone. I'm with you on the outfit thing..and then one of my fav fashion bloggers also makes practially everything she posts..or refashions them with sequins and glitter...she just made this adorable dress out of two shirts.....seriously! makes me want to put up that picture of Kristen whig that you did up top..LOL


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