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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Long Time, No Talk.

So It's Tuesday and I have a mess of things to talk about!
I'll go ahead and start my ramblings with the recap of my weekend.

and for some reason my "Grab My Button" on my sidebar completely stopped working.
I tried remaking the code but it deletes it right out of the scroll box everytime I save it.
Ugh, can someone help me?!

I had the day off class so naturally I went shopping (: I attempted to coupon which I am failing at terribly. I want to do the crazy extreme coupons where you end up getting like everything free, or only paying like 5 dollars on a 50 dollar purchase. However, I end up just getting a dollar off items like every normal couponer. Anyways, I ended up at target and bought a few outfits for our little boy who will be here soon. Aren't they just adorable?! I had to get a few newborn outfits, and apparently I need to go buy a few preemie. We don't have any smaller size clothes but he is expected to be 3 weeks smaller than normal! OMGSH.

Chris and I got ready and met up with the Medina's and their dog Rocko at the park. We let them run around together and we all just hung it. I managed to get an adorable picture of my baby, and then this crazy ERRMERGERD picture. I couldn't stop laughing. After the park, we all met up with a couple other friends for dinner at Olive Garden. We were saying our farewells to the Medina's since they are PCSing to Germany. Agh, so sad ): but I am excited for them.

Christopher and I laid around the house for a while, then went out to get our Sunday paper. We made a short trip to Price Chopper and Target. We attempted to coupon again. We ended up spending about 24 dollars on a 57 dollar purchase. So not too bad. Oh and here is my sweetheart cuddling with Cayden...

&& then Monday...
I babysat for my friend Laura. Her little girl Aria is just the cutest, most happy baby that I have been around. and her and my puppy Thor just seem to love each other.


The Hubs graduates from WLC tomorrow morning (: Finally! He really worked his butt off to get through this course and come out at the top of his class and his hard work really paid off. He'll be getting extra promotion points on to of the points he was already getting and also a few awards and recognition's for his kick ass work. I must say I am VERY proud of him and really just want to brag about how awesome he is.

Baby Cayden may be making his big appearance sometime next week. The doctor will maybe be scraping my cervix on the 16th to try and make me go into labor, so we will see how that goes. I must say, I am beyond ready for this little booger to come out.


I won a Blog Hop Giveaway, Which I am crazy excited about.
I won a target and starbucks gift card, The cutest locket and charm necklace, 
a little crochet hat of my choice, and tons of ad space.
Woohoo, go me (:
So here is a big shout out and thank you to those lovely ladies.


  1. So excited for you!! :-) Congrats to your hubby as well that's great he did so well in WLC. :)

  2. Congrats to your husband and to you on winning the giveaway! Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

  3. Woo Hoo! So exciting! Those outfits are absolutely adorable!!!

  4. Sounds like a busy week! Congrats to your hubby!

    Jumped on over from the Weekend Social Mix blog hop :)

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  5. Thanks for sponsoring the Weekend Social Hop. New follower. via bloglovin.

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  6. Your dog is so cute!! Newest follower and fellow military wife. I look forward to following :)

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