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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What a surprise...

One weekend, Chris and I decided to get a bottle of Captain Morgan Lime and play cards all night. 

The next day I started throwing up like crazy, but since we had drank the whole bottle I just figured it was a bad hang over. Later that night we went to our friends house to hang out and watch the Michigan game. I couldn't even tolerate the smell of any alcohol. With me being sick all day, I just figured I was still hung over. Well the week went on and I just continued to throw up all day long everyday so FINALLY I went to the emergency room. I figured I had just caught a really bad stomach bug or had alcohol or food poisoning or something. The doctor walks in and says CONGRATS! your pregnant... I was absolutely speechless. When he left the room I called Chris ( he was at work ) and told him. He was more in shock than I was.

Well now we are more excited than ever!

Our doctor told us our baby looks very healthy and so far everything is going great. The only bad thing is that I still throw up everyday, all day long. I've had to get fluid IV's twice since I found out. The ER says I have some rare thing that only so many pregnant people get where I will just continue to throw up unless they can get it under control with medicine. It's very aggravating to deal with and sure does put me in some crazy moods ( ask Chris ) but as long as our baby stays healthy, I guess i can manage.

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