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Monday, November 19, 2012

The big 21st birthday...

It was finally here!
I FINALLY turned 21.
The big day everyone waits for.
and I'm pregnant. haha

Since I've got this cute little peanut growing in my belly, there wasn't any drinking in store for me. We happened to be in Ohio the weekend of my birthday for my cousin Brooke's wedding (which was absolutely gorgeous by the way)

Since my birthday just so happens to fall on Verteran's Day, and I'm married to my perfect soldier, we were able to get some special treatment. We ended up going to the Newport Aquarium. Chris got in for free and my ticket was discounted. Then we went to Hooter's and enjoyed some free wings (: Later that night we went to Applebee's with my family to celebrate my birthday, Chris's, my brother Danny's, and my niece Camy's. Which we also got free meals there.

I can't say my 21st was everything I expected it to be, but I most definitely enjoyed it!

btw, my Bengals won that day (:

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